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"I am so happy with Perfect Secretary bowling software! I have been a league secretary for 12 years (league bowler for 30 years) and this is my first year using PS. Since I purchased and downloaded the program last August, I have been tickled to death with how flawless the program works, from entering weekly scores, to printing out awards, to printing out a league summary sheet, and even uploading to Bowl.com. Everything has been effortless. Perhaps the best testimonial to how great your program is that I trust it so much that I do not have to spend 30 minutes every week double-checking to make sure that everything is perfect, like I had to do with other bowling programs. I enter the scores every week, print out the summary sheet, upload to the internet, print out the weekly awards, and backup the program to both my internal and external hard drives. I have had to even restore a previous week and the restore was just as effortless as the rest of the program runs. I have had to call Treasure Software a couple times for support and actually a testimonial, and both the sales department and tech support department were as equally perfect, knowledgeable, friendly, and accommodating. I absolutely love your bowling software and will be using Perfect Secretary as long as I am a league secretary!"

Paul M.
Mason, OH

"Thanks for your assistance and even more so for your software. Our bowlers love being able to get the copies of the League Standing Sheet sent to their email addresses in your various formats each week. The team captains like getting the recap sheets, birthday lists, address & phone number lists, etc as well. I like being able to file electronic copies of final end-of-season reports (such as bowler statistics, high series, high game, most improved etc.) since it seems a lot of people ask for these, sometimes months after we have finished bowling. Perfect Secretary has SIGNIFICANTLY improved our League communication and made my job infinitely easier!

I can generate electronic copies of all the reports, I can quickly send them to team captains, league bowlers, bowling association officers . . . how can you beat THAT?

I look forward to upgrades and continuing to use this invaluable software!"

Ted N.
Augusta, GA

"Just a quick note of thanks. I just downloaded an upgrade to Perfect Secretary and it is FANTASTIC!! I like the new bowler lookup feature, easier score entry, updated award forms, among other things.

I work part time at a local 32 lane bowling center doing the league record service for them. The center is a Brunswick house that had Center Master and then just converted to Vector. I have been through about 6 different bowling programs and none of them yet compare to Perfect Secretary. With the Vector systems now, they have installed Brand X program from another company to run things. I am not impressed with it. Basically what I do is process the league scores through that system, then I bring them home and rerun with Perfect Secretary. Boy do I find errors from that other program. Not many but enough. The Perfect Secretary is SO MUCH EASIER to find, correct, and process things. Prior week fixes are easier! If you ever need a testimonial for your system, count me in. Thanks again for the Perfect Secretary, a great program and I love using it! I highly recommend it to those looking into bowling software products!"

Darrell R.
Sioux Falls, SD

"I just wanted to let you know that I have been using the Perfect Secretary for 3 weeks and I really like it! My league has 13 teams, roughly 60 bowlers - and I can complete EVERYTHING in about a half hour. That includes the Treasurer side of things. It is absolutely wonderful!

It is very easy to use the software to create files to post to our website. The only thing I have not done so far is look at all the reports available to me! I will be doing that before too much longer."

Denise S.
Barre, VT

"This program is perfect and just what I needed! Thank you very very much.

I'm a business owner with no time for myself. It's my 1st time doing this stuff and it only took 4 hours adding in all the bowlers and setting up my league. I could see it only taking me a half hour a day preparing for the next bowling week.

Thanks for coming out with this and making my life easier! Love the clipart also!"

Robert O.
Hollandale, WI

"I just love the Perfect Secretary, and would definitely recommend it to all others! It is easy to use with step by step instructions and very reliable. If I need to correct a score, I can use the automatic recalculation feature and all the data is perfect! I believe it is a good idea to keep current with the upgrades and my league records are converted to work with the upgrade, no problems. The Perfect Secretary makes my life much easier, I would not do my league without it!"

Mary S.
Syracuse, NY

"I am extremely happy with the Perfect Secretary, with its' ease of use and data that I can trust to be reliable. It is my opinion that there is no comparison in the versatility and professionalism of the reporting in the Perfect Secretary, thus making it the world's best software. When I have needed technical support, it has been very helpful. I find it is important to upgrade at least every couple of years to keep current with the new features and award changes. Perfect Secretary is the only program I would consider using, and I have nothing but good things to say about it."

Bill P.
Morristown, TN

"As a long time user of the Perfect Secretary for over 20 years, I am impressed with your company. My trust in your company and product has developed over time, that I know each upgrade is going to be right and make my duties that much easier. I know in advance from your track record, that each upgrade was been researched, additional features added, and the program is well tested before released.

I worked for a software company that did not continually research and upgrade their software, so I really appreciate the professionalism and persistence of Treasure Software.

I recommended that our center get the Perfect Secretary. What a difference in quality and reliability with the Perfect Secretary! I would not use anything else!"

Teresa W.
Green Bay, WI

"I just love the Perfect Secretary, technical support is always helpful, and your customer service is the best. I appreciate your friendly service every time I call. Perfect Secretary is the only choice!"

Cherral D.
Amarillo, TX

"I tried a couple of the competitors products and found them confusing and complicated - a total waste of time and energy. Perfect Secretary is so easy to use and full featured, it's better than the competition, hands down! Perfect Secretary upgrades with new features and awards, are very worthwhile. I recommend Perfect Secretary as the only way to go!"

Carolyn B.
Parsons, KS

"As the president of the local association and secretary/treasurer of two leagues for eight years, I recommend the Perfect Secretary over anything out there. Perfect Secretary is really easy to use, fast, accurate, reports look better - more professional, awards are easier - more straight forward, and upgrades are worth getting.

I love the Perfect Secretary - invest a little money and the Perfect Secretary does it all for you!"

Barbara H.
Leetonia, OH

"I have tried other league software and as the local association manager I can attest to the fact that the Perfect Secretary is the best program available, I swear by it!

I have processed 22 leagues weekly using the PS and the program works with you, with more features than the others - built in awards with one click, reports for anything you may need, reliable results and it runs so smooth. I recommend the upgrades to update the awards and receive new features.

Perfect Tournament is so easy and user friendly, you can't beat it. In addition, we switched to Perfect Brackets and are very happy with it also! PB was much more user friendly, easier to track, and the reports were better.

Go with "Perfect" products from Treasure Software, you'll be glad you did!"

Cheryl D.
Holiday Lanes
Springfield, MO

"We use the Perfect Secretary and Perfect Tournament and have been very happy with your programs. They are the best!"

Madaline L.
Champlain Lanes
Shelburne, VT

"The Perfect Secretary is the absolute best program I have seen! It is the easiest program going, with more features and functions than the others! Upgrades are well worth it, it is important to keep up with the latest features and changes. I love the Perfect Secretary and give it lots of praises at our local meetings."

Kathy U.
Conway, SC

"The ease of data input and the fact that all the functions mesh together flawlessly, make the Perfect Secretary priceless! I tried other software, it was NOT as easy to use and the reports did not look as nice. Upgrades are definitely worth while to receive any new changes and functions added to the software. I love the Perfect Secretary, it makes my job so easy!"

Jeffrey S.
Meriden, CT

"I use the Perfect Secretary, Perfect Brackets, and Perfect Bowler Manager and they are all superb! Other companies may try to undercut you in price, but Treasure Software develops more capabilities in the programs and they are well worth it! I love your products, they are perfect!"

Michael W.
Rialto, CA

"The Perfect Secretary is an excellent product, combined with flawless support when needed, makes for the most outstanding program on the market! Fantastic program - the best just keeps getting better!"

Joseph B.
Pittsburgh, PA

"I am very impressed with the Perfect Secretary! The ease of use and multiple functions available, cover both the novice and advanced user. I tried a competitor's product and it did not compare. The Perfect Secretary is the best product on the market!"

Richard T.
Montgomery, IL

"The Perfect Secretary is a breeze - I had no learning curve and was immediately up and running. The software has so many functions and options, it is a phenomenal versatile program! Upgrades are definitely worth it, with lots of new features and everything converted properly!"

Max H.
Garden City, MI

"Being part of the local womens bowling association I know there are two main league programs to choose from. I always recommend the Perfect Secretary, because it is easier to learn. I look forward to each years new upgraded features.

When I've needed technical support, I get a quick and helpful response. I would never switch to a different product, I would quit being a secretary first. The Perfect Secretary program is by far the best and out shines the others. Your program makes the record keeping easy!"

Janet G.
Fort Wayne, IN

"Our tournament has used both the Perfect Tournament and Perfect Brackets since 2002 and may I say they are excellent programs and we will continue to use them for many years to come. Keep up the good work."

James D.
Executive Director
Annual Regional Military Tournament Las Vegas, NV

"The Perfect Secretary is very easy to use and fast; a 16 team league, done in 20 minutes with all the secretarial duties, including the built in awards. The help screens are clear and concise; you don't have to read between the lines to learn how to do something. All in all, it's a great program - I love it!"

Ellen S.
Pocomoke City, MD

"Thank you for the great service I have received from your company. Your sales staff is very knowledgeable about the product you represent, and the technical support I received was the best I believe I have ever received.

I have tried other bowling software, Brand X, whose software had problems, customer service was non existent, and their support if you could get through was not even close to satisfactory. There was no comparison. I am so very pleased with the Perfect Secretary. The Perfect Secretary and your customer service is definitely the best! I endorse the Perfect Secretary to the fullest and recommend it to all! The Perfect Secretary updates I purchase every year are top notch!"

Charlene L.
Colorado Springs, CO

"The Perfect Secretary works just great! I am a lot happier with the Perfect Secretary. When I used Brand X, I had many problems, could not trust the results, was not getting any help from the company and was very frustrated. I switched to the Perfect Secretary and it works just great!

I have found that the Perfect Secretary has several features that are much more convenient, it is faster and easier to use, the help screens are much more complete and easier to understand, and the awards are much simpler. The Perfect Secretary has more features too. With the Perfect Secretary I just love that I can enter two teams scores on the same one entry screen. I am so glad that I changed over to the Perfect Secretary!"

Estelle O.
Waldorf, MD

"This is my fourth season as association secretary and my twenty fifth year as a league secretary. The Perfect Secretary is so easy to understand and complete, it does it all for you. The Perfect Secretary has lots of reports and the bowlers love to see their statistics. When other secretaries see my Perfect Secretary they are astonished at what the program can do.

I recommend it to secretaries in our association. The upgrades each year are totally positive making my task easier and keeping up with the new awards sheets from Bowling Headquarters makes my awards job easier.

The email technical support feature is great and I receive responses within 24 hours. To sum it up, my experience with the Perfect Secretary is totally positive and I wouldn't do the work without this program!"

Eugene S.
Hobart, IN

"The Perfect Secretary is outstanding; easy to use and fast. I have my work done for the week within 15 minutes, including putting my league standing sheet up on the web. To change a score all you have to do is update the score and the program automatically recalculates everything for you. I have tried the demo of Brand X and it does NOT even compare to the Perfect Secretary.

You can't beat the Perfect Secretary, I swear by it! Every year when I think Treasure Software can not add more to the Perfect Secretary I am surprised and there are great new features. I have never been more satisfied with a program as the Perfect Secretary and want to keep up with whatever is new."

David E.
San Jacinto, CA

"I have used the Perfect Tournament on three different types of tournaments - singles & doubles; multiple quads, and divisions - everything went well. The Perfect Tournament is very intuitive and I usually did not even need help. When I did require technical support the Treasure Software support was quick to answer and very good support. I would say that the great technical support is worth the price of the software!

My wife uses the Perfect Secretary league software and is absolutely sold on it.

Thank you for making our bowling software needs so Perfect!"

Mac M.
Vallejo, CA

"I love the Perfect Secretary and highly recommend it to others! The program has so many features; flexibility, great help screens, it is easy to work with, easy to learn, and convenient to use. The reports generated by the Perfect Secretary are unbelievable!

I can do so much more with the Perfect Secretary than what other secretaries or the bowling center can do. I really like the color printing and clip art graphics on the reports. I have found that even more important than the reporting is the reliability and accuracy of the software. Any time that I have needed technical support, my problem has been solved instantly. Having used the Perfect Secretary for over 10 years now, I order each new version and look forward to what new features will be added."

Joel B.
New Lenox, IL

"During my first year as a league secretary, I used the Perfect Secretary. I love the way the program will find and then print the National awards, it makes the job even easier.

When I ordered the software and when I called for technical support, I received nothing but exemplary service. The technicians were knowledgeable and helped me in a matter of minutes. The individuals with whom I spoke were professional, friendly, courteous and had a great sense of humor. If these traits fit all of your employees, you are truly a fortunate company.

Thank you for making my first year as a league secretary such an easy one!"

Loren N.
Detroit Lakes, MN

"I love the Perfect Secretary; it is the only way to go! I have been a secretary for over twenty years. I purchased the Perfect Secretary about four years ago after using a different program. There is no comparison! My bowlers love the reports and were happily surprised with the new graphs.

As far as technical support you guys have been so much help. Even if I ask a silly question, I am never treated like I'm wasting your time. And I have had some silly questions.

When I receive a new bowling magazine the first ad that I look for is Treasure Software's to see what is new.

Keep up the good work. I am a very loyal customer and promoter of the Perfect Secretary."

Lynn R.
Garland, TX

"I have been a league secretary for 28 years. The last 3 seasons since I got the Perfect Secretary program and a computer, I saved so much time! For someone who did not even know how to turn on a computer, I was amazed! The Perfect Secretary is SO easy - even for a real computer beginner. If I can learn it as a grandmother, anyone can learn it.

The technical support staffs were so patient and understanding with this cyber newcomer. I cannot say enough good things about them and send them my undying THANKS."

Janet Z.
Manistee, MI

"The Perfect Secretary is tremendous! After trying three different league secretary software demos, I chose the Perfect Secretary. Perfect Secretary is easy to understand and use. I started using Perfect Secretary when I was already 13 weeks into my league, and found it to be 100% reliable and accurate. I have had no problems with it at all.

My favorite features are having both teams on the same screen for score entry and the wide variety of reports, especially the year-end reports. I have been a league secretary for years and you can't beat the Perfect Secretary!"

Owen R.
Wintersville, OH

"I am an association secretary and have been using the Perfect Secretary over 10 years now. Other secretaries with other programs are very limited compared to what I have with the Perfect Secretary. With the Perfect Secretary, make-up games are so simple and score entry is easy with two teams on one screen. When I have needed technical support it has been very good.

The ease of use, reliability, and complete features of the Perfect Secretary are next to none."

Nick H.
Traverse City, MI

"The Perfect Secretary has definitely been a positive experience for me! I do not have a lot of computer knowledge and I find the Perfect Secretary to be easy, explicit, flexible, user friendly, and very reliable and high quality. Occasionally I have called in for technical support, and it has been super. The technicians at Treasure Software are professional, helpful, and considerate.

When I got the Perfect Secretary I threw the other bowling league software in the trash and deleted it from my hard drive. I had tried one of your competitors Windows version for two seasons and never got through a whole season with it. Thank goodness the bowling center was backing me up. I found this competitors program so frustrating, with too many steps and not friendly. I just got tired of fighting with it. I am so glad I switched to the Perfect Secretary!

I love the ability to drag, drop, resize and position the clip art graphics anywhere I want on my reports with the Perfect Secretary. I have used my league standing reports from the Perfect Secretary to promote bowling in our area. I change the graphics often, and my reports catch the attention of many bowlers at the center. This has helped me to get new teams to join my league. I tell all of the other secretaries at my center to buy the Perfect Secretary!"

Elan R.
Hollywood, FL

"The Perfect Secretary is the BEST bowling league software program on the market today! I was using Brand X from a different software company that I found to be substandard and did not feel comfortable using or calling for technical support.

When I called Treasure Software with questions about their software I liked the fact that they really knew their software and were very approachable and easy to talk to. I switched to the Perfect Secretary 20 weeks into the season and was extremely happy with the results. It is so easy to use and written in a way to help you get more done. I completed the season with no problems and did not even have to call or write in for technical support.

I feel that Treasure Software is looking out for my best interest in bowling software usage and they take the extra effort to make the Perfect Secretary an extremely reliable and top quality product. I recommend that you visit their web site or give Treasure Software a call and try their demo. You'll be glad you did!"

David R.
State Lanes, Inc.
Falconer, NY

"I am very impressed with the Perfect Secretary Deluxe by Treasure Software. It is so easy to use and the help screens are great. I love having both teams on the same screen for score entry, and adding graphics on the reports is fun - my eight youth leagues really enjoy them. I used Brand X by a competitor for a couple of years, but found that program had many problems. It was difficult to get technical support for Brand X and I was not happy with it at all. I'm glad I changed to the Perfect Secretary Deluxe."

June H.
Sterling Heights, MI

"I can say I really enjoy the Perfect Secretary Deluxe. The treasurer portion of the program has been very helpful in tracking bowlers payments and the financial reports are very complete. I appreciate the national award forms built right into the program and like to experiment with the graphics on the reports. I am tickled with the Perfect Secretary Deluxe and recommend it to all league secretaries."

Dr. William R.
Anchorage, AK

"The Perfect Secretary Deluxe was recommended to me by another league secretary. Having used it now for several youth leagues for an entire season, I can say that the program is great and I really enjoy using it. I found the Perfect Secretary Deluxe to be extremely easy to use, very reliable, and it saves me loads of time. I love the youth features and the award applications automatically completed by the Perfect Secretary Deluxe.

Prior to using the Perfect Secretary Deluxe, I used Brand X by a competitor. I had so much trouble with the Brand X program. I could never get through to the competitors voice technical support line. When I finally did I was told that the program just wouldn't work on my machine. After trying numerous solutions that they suggested, I decided it was time to switch to the Perfect Secretary.

I am so glad I switched to the Perfect Secretary!"

John L.
Collinsville, IL

"I am the association secretary in my area and bowl three nights a week. I have had other league programs before, but then found the Perfect Secretary Deluxe. It is by far the best league software I have ever tried. The Perfect Secretary Deluxe is simple, but thorough and so easy to work with. I love the ability to add graphics, change font sizes and colors on the reports and have received many compliments from my bowlers.

I recommend the Perfect Secretary to all my area secretaries as the only way to go!"

Gary P.
Brush, CO

"Having been a league secretary for over 11 years, I prefer the Perfect Secretary Deluxe over any other league secretary software. I have found that the software at the center where I bowl can not do a third of what I can do with the Perfect Secretary Deluxe. The bowlers choose the Perfect Secretary Deluxe reports over any other reports. I am "perfectly" satisfied with what the Perfect Secretary does, how it performs and the reports I can print.

I talk up the Perfect Secretary Deluxe to all the other secretaries and the bowling center."

William W.
Glen Burnie, MD

"Just thought you might like to hear from a very satisfied customer, the Perfect Secretary Deluxe is absolutely fabulous!

After using the Perfect Secretary Deluxe for a whole winter and summer season now, I can honestly say it is simply the best secretary software I have ever used. I switched to the Perfect Secretary Deluxe by Treasure Software after using Brand X by a competitor for two years. The competitors program probably had 100 updates that the customer is supposed to download from the Internet to fix all of the program's problems. All these updates for Brand X were very frustrating and tells me that they do not have a very good program to start with. The Perfect Secretary Deluxe is definitely superior.

In Perfect Secretary Deluxe the help screens are much better, it is much easier to use, more reliable, and the automatic recalculation feature works better. The ability to add graphics and change the font colors and sizes make the reports much nicer. My husband loves the cushion method of handicapping available in the Perfect Secretary Deluxe and I find the youth championship qualifying easier with PSD than it was with Brand X.

The Perfect Secretary Deluxe is my #1 choice!"

Sonia D.
San Antonio, TX

"My husband and I both use the Perfect Secretary and are extremely happy with the software. My husband is an association secretary and has tried several league secretary demos and found the Perfect Secretary Deluxe to be the best. I have tried other bowling software that I found difficult to use. I find the Perfect Secretary Deluxe to have a great interface, easy to use, very forgiving and reliable. I love both teams on the same screen when entering scores and really enjoy changing the color and graphics on the reports.

We always give the Perfect Secretary Deluxe name out as a referral when telling other secretaries which product to buy."

Cathy C.
Seneca, SC

"The Perfect Secretary Deluxe is a great program and the best bowling program that I have ever worked with. The Perfect Secretary Deluxe is easy to use and full featured having everything I expected in it. The Perfect Secretary is very fast; I have cut my work down from 4 to 6 hours to just 20 to 30 minutes a week.

I can honestly say the Perfect Secretary software is worth a lot more to me than I paid. Anybody that is a secretary should buy this program for all the savings in it. I have used the Perfect Secretary for many years and look forward to every new upgrade that comes out."

Gene B.
West Allis, WI

"The Perfect Secretary Deluxe is so easy to use. I was so pleased with the professional installation and found a zero learning curve in using the program. I love adding and changing the color fonts and graphics on the reports. I have tried several other league secretary programs and tossed all the others out.

I believe that you get what you pay for and I have found the Perfect Secretary Deluxe is the best league software on the market."

Joe B.
Pittsburgh, PA

"I've tried other bowling software and the Perfect Secretary was hands down much better. It is very usable for many different types of league setups and report printouts. It has a lot of good backup safety features, fantastic support, and a marvelous data entry process.

It is truly user friendly and straight forward even for a complete novice.

I had the opportunity to sing the praises of Perfect Secretary Deluxe to our regional marketing director, especially as it related to being able to track youth awards, youth qualifying championship, etc. I am receiving great feedback from several people who have purchased the Perfect Secretary in this area.

Thanks for making my life so much easier and providing a quality program."

Carol G.
Puyallup, WA

"Just wanted to let you know how AWESOME I think Perfect Secretary Deluxe is! This is the first time I have ever been a secretary and I have to say that the Perfect Secretary has been a life saver! Thank you so much for a great program with such an intuitive interface!"

Wendell H.
Roseburg, OR

"I have been a league secretary for 20 years and have tried other programs and the Perfect Secretary Deluxe is the best. The Perfect Secretary HAS SO MUCH MORE! The Perfect Secretary Deluxe is very user friendly. I can print and control graphics on my reports, change the colors and font types, which my bowlers really enjoy!

I love the score entry with both teams on the same screen, it makes score entry so fast and accurate. When I needed help, the technical support has been great. There is nothing else on the market that can compare to this program.

The program operates very fast and I can quickly do my leagues. Every upgrade is even better than before, so keep them coming!

I always recommend the Perfect Secretary to those who ask which program they should buy."

Raymond R.
Philadelphia, PA

"I must complement you on your program. I started with an older version of the Perfect Secretary and I was extremely satisfied with the program at that time. Your newer version is even better and allows me much more flexibility. Keep up the good work."

Paula W.
Englewood, NJ

"I tried several bowling league secretary demo programs, and found that the Perfect Secretary was by far the best! In the Perfect Secretary the screens were very user friendly, clean and readable, and I could easily navigate throughout the program. Also with the Perfect Secretary I could use 2 to 3 less key strokes and get the work done faster and efficiently."

Chuck A.
Livonia, MI

"I have tried other bowling programs and they didn't do as much as the Perfect Secretary. I like the flexibility of the league standing reports and the national awards built in! Every bowling secretary should use the Perfect Secretary too! I love the new version with all its' features, support, and upgraded treasurers features.

It is so easy to use. Every new version has been better and this one is the best!"

Ruby E.
Irving, TX

"I am a first time secretary and the Perfect Secretary made the job "perfectly" simple. The program has a very simple data entry process with two teams on the same screen; the reports have everything I can imagine wanting, and the speed at which it operates is great! I did not know what to expect and I am 100% satisfied with the Perfect Secretary! There is SO MUCH TO IT!"

Joel H.
Mineola, NY

"We really enjoy the Perfect Secretary! I enjoy both teams displayed on the same screen when entering scores.

My wife is a new computer user, and she did a whole league from the start by herself. She found the Perfect Secretary so easy to use, and just loves the program! I can't get her off of it now!"

George P.
Osceola, IN

"I just got the program, and I must say that I am truly delighted with it. It is everything that I expected it to be and much more. It beats ALL rivals - hands down! Thank you again, for a wonderful program!"

Vernon S.
Flushing, NY

"I switched to the Perfect Secretary, because I prefer it over the others. The Perfect Secretary has flexible reports and is easy to use even if you are new to computers.

The Perfect Secretary works great and I am thrilled with it!"

Janette Q.
Portland, OR

"I switched to the Perfect Secretary and it does everything better and does more than my old software. I love the wide variety of reports and the ability to pick and choose what I want. This makes all of my leagues happy. The Perfect Secretary is very forgiving. If necessary corrections can be made in a snap, and an ease of use that makes it great for the novice and all the way up to the expert.

The Perfect Secretary is versatile and does a wonderful job."

Patty W.
Colton, CA

"I used to work at a bowling center and I came in contact with many programs used by various league secretaries. I tried them all. Then I sent for the Perfect Secretary and I have never been sorry. My league loves the custom design standing report and the various statistical reports. I am particularly please with the year-end reports.

The Perfect Secretary is easy to learn to use and I would definitely recommend it to others and have. Keep up the good work!"

Ellen S.
Lancaster, PA

"I tried several other secretary software programs and the Perfect Secretary was by far the best! It has a much better setup process, formatting style, easy correction process, outstanding instructions, flexible print outs, and a ease of entry that truly makes it user friendly."

Frank M.
Olympia, WA

"I tried a couple of other bowling software programs and they did not even come close to the Perfect Secretary. The Perfect Secretary is the best bowling secretary package. It is so easy to use - fast, intuitive, versatile, easy to move through the menus, and has a great interface and format.

I am extremely happy with the Perfect Secretary and its professional program. It is well worth the investment."

Ed S.
Seattle, WA

"I tried two other software packages and chose the Perfect Secretary for its ease of operations and speed. It is easy to use, is fast, user friendly, provides great information, and very easy to fix if you mess it up.

It is incredible what the Perfect Secretary can do. It truly is tremendous software and a tremendous value. I am so glad I bought the package!"

Allan M.
Cincinnati, OH

"The Perfect Secretary is an outstanding program and handles everything for me. Corrections if needed are fast and easy. The Perfect Secretary simplifies my work immensely and I love the flexibility of the league standing report, so that each of my leagues can be printed out to its needs."

Sherrill L.
Hobart, IN

"The format and the ease of entry with the Perfect Secretary are great. It is a real time saver. The information needed to give out awards is all there available in the software. I tried other secretary software and the Perfect Secretary is easier to use and much faster."

Norbert S.
Dubuque, IA

"The Perfect Secretary is truly the easiest computer program I have ever used. I love the layout, the ease in entering scores, new bowlers and subs, and the flexibility of the reports.

I have never been as thrilled with ANY computer software as I have been with the Perfect Secretary."

Kitty L.
Richardson, TX

"I tried another program and went with the Perfect Secretary because it handles everything! I do many leagues with different league rules and print out needs. The Perfect Secretary handles them all. It saves so much time, corrections are easy and fast.

I am very happy with the Perfect Secretary and would highly recommend it!"

Floyd D.
Lincoln, NE

"I tried other bowling software programs and the Perfect Secretary is by far better. It is faster, much more RELIABLE, corrections can be made easily, and technical support is willing, cheerful, and professional.

I have been bowling for years and the Perfect Secretary is superior to any other system I've seen. I can't praise it enough."

Edward W.
Harpers Ferry, WV

"The Perfect Secretary is easy to use and fast, an ultimate time saver. The adaptable league standing report has many varied print out styles; one to satisfy each league and they love it. There is a report available for anything we need, and reasonably priced.

I am brand new to computers and the support has been super, with all the questions answered and we were put at ease. I compared other demos and glad I chose the Perfect Secretary."

Becky H.
Deshler Lanes
Deshler, OH

"The Perfect Secretary is very easy to use. It has a great entry format and has more reports than I could ever want. The support has been knowledgeable, pleasant, and easy to deal with."

Jean B.
Stamford, CT

"The Perfect Secretary is a wonderful program and I love it! I was new to computers, but I am so comfortable with the Perfect Secretary. It is so easy to use, straight forward, all areas easy to access, correction is easy, all the reports I need, and the information is so complete. The Perfect Secretary is all inclusive.

I can not say enough good about the Perfect Secretary, if their competitors called I could not come up with even one complaint!"

Ruth G.
Spokane, WA

"The Perfect Secretary is terrific, easy to use, and NOT at all labor intensive. It is extremely fast - you input the scores, print the reports and you're done. When I enter scores paging across the screen is easy and fast, a real minimal amount of time. If a mistake is made you can back up and change it so easily and all the totals change automatically. The reports are great and the instructions are easy to follow.

Daniel P.
Hyde Park, NY

"I am really pleased with the Perfect Secretary. It does everything - is really great, fast, and simple to use. I compared it to other bowling software and the Perfect Secretary does so many things that the others don't, it's well worth it! It has more features, easy to use, has any report you could want at the push of a button and has excellent technical support.

I was a beginner on computers and the Perfect Secretary is easy to use, has an easy entry format, and easy to change entry mistakes."

Alice H.
Columbus, OH

"I am tickled to death with the Perfect Secretary! While delighted with the amount of time and work saved, also the accuracy with the software has been unequaled. The reactions from my leagues are all positive and they marvel at the flexibility of the league standing report. On the reports everything necessary is printed out in just a minute. The technical support has been fantastic.

I shopped around for a league secretary program with great support and professionalism, and found it with the Perfect Secretary."

Hugh S.
Oakland, MD

"I tried other bowling software and switched to the Perfect Secretary. The Perfect Secretary is the ultimate bowling program! There were more benefits with the Perfect Secretary and it is well worth it! It is more versatile, with many printout options to customize the league standing report just the way each league wants it. I can even go back weeks and enter a makeup game or correct scores.

The Perfect Secretary is kind to the user, it is easy to learn and use, self explanatory, forgiving by offering double checks and warnings, and entry mistakes are so easy to correct. Technical support is really helpful and someone is always available."

Jean T.
Summerville, SC

"I love the Perfect Secretary! It works well in every way, and I have had no trouble with it. It's so fast, it use to take me 3 hours of work per week and now I spend 12 minutes and then just print out the reports. The entry format, all the reports, the recap sheets, and the support have all been great.

The Perfect Secretary is fantastic!"

Virginia M.
Hillsboro, IL

"I am thrilled to death with the Perfect Secretary! It is so easy to use, effective, efficient, and does everything they say it will do. The reports are great and the program has all the printouts that I want.

The Perfect Secretary is more comprehensive than other bowling software, everything is there! "

Wilfred P.
Tyler, TX

"I love the Perfect Secretary! The program allows easy accessibility, is so versatile, with an ease of entry. The printouts that are necessary are all there and easy to get to.

The Perfect Secretary is easy to use, a fantastic time saver, and has everything you need! The support is great too."

Jan S.
Ranchero Lanes
Douglas, WY

"The Perfect Secretary is easy to use and nice all around. I have tried other bowling software and the Perfect Secretary is more versatile, has more features, and is far beyond the other software that is available. With the program, corrections are easy and I can print out up to date individual scores at any time."

Karen T.
B & D Family Bowling Center
Albany, OR

"The Perfect Secretary is a real time saver and I am very happy with it! I love the adaptability of the league standing report, with all the complete information available. I am extremely pleased how the team and bowler statistics are laid out, the wide variety of printouts available, and with all the Perfect Secretary will do for you. Technical support has been great."

Dennis S.
Menomonee Falls, WI