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Perfect Secretary
2018 Deluxe
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Treasure Software continues to lead the bowling software world with the twenty-second release of its true Windows league software for Windows 10, 8.1, 7. This is not just an old DOS or Windows 3.1 program that has been re-compiled.

PS 2018 includes full Internet support features including the Live Update feature, incredible graphic capabilities, quick upload of standing sheets to bowl.com.
If you have your own website, PS 2018 Deluxe will let you save reports in standard HTML format or in a graphical format that lets you display the reports with eye-catching clip art images. The program will let you upload (FTP) your league reports directly to your website right from within the program.

E-mail! What a great feature! This means that you can create a single email message and send it to one or ALL of your bowlers within your league. The email that you send can even include attachments.

You can send meeting notices, weekly League Standing Reports, or any other email to your bowlers. PS 2018 Deluxe can send email via standard SMTP or through MAPI enabled email software such as Microsoft Outlook.

Those are just a few of the reasons why PS 2018 Deluxe is virtually the best in the bowling software industry.

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Perfect Secretary
2018 Standard
Perfect Secretary 2018 starts at only $69.95 for the Standard 16 team version!

That is right! You can purchase a true Windows league software for Windows 10, 8.1, 7 at unheard of low prices!

Nothing is better than Perfect Secretary!

The Perfect Secretary 2018 Standard version is for league secretaries who do not need the league treasurer features or only have a league with basic rules.

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If your league does not have Match points, Peterson Points, Diminishing Points, does not use Drop Rule, Best Scores Rule, Divisions, and you do not need to customize your reports or use other advanced features - Perfect Secretary 2018 Standard is right for you!

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