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Perfect Brackets 2017 Deluxe
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Perfect Brackets 2017 is here and you'll love it!

Perfect Brackets will handle brackets, sidepots, and sweepers. It will keep track of all your receipts and payouts and gives you a complete set of financial reports.

Brackets, sidepots, and sweepers can be scratch or handicap. Handicaps are automatically calculated by the program. You can run singles, doubles, trios, and team sessions. Perfect Brackets is the only software to allow brackets for doubles, trios, and teams.

Perfect Brackets can easily handle sponsoring of entrants. Sponsoring is when somebody other than the entrant pays the entry fee.

Perfect Brackets Deluxe allows up to 5,000 entrants and is the only brackets program that lets you run singles brackets, doubles brackets, trios brackets, and team brackets. You can have up to 16 brackets sets and 8 sidepots for each type of entrant, 8 sweepers.

Perfect Brackets is a true Windows program (not just a Windows 3.1 program) that runs in Windows 10, 8.1 or 7. Why struggle with those old hard-to-use DOS programs with confusing commands and menus?

Perfect Brackets has been used for years in the U.S. Open Qualifier Tournament that is held yearly in Montana. Perfect Brackets is also used at the Montana USBC State Tournament held in various bowling centers and cities around the state.

IMPORTANT - Perfect Brackets handles tie scores in the brackets correctly. This is very important to handle ties correctly since so much money can be at stake. In addition, Perfect Brackets lets you break ties manually if you wish.

Perfect Brackets will make your league and tournament bowlers happy! Perfect Brackets will make you money.

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Perfect Brackets Standard

Perfect Brackets Standard - the best solution for running brackets, sidepots, and sweepers in larger leagues and in small tournaments. Up to 500 entrants. Handles singles, doubles, trios and teams; 4 bracket sets and 4 sidepots for each type of entrants; 4 sweepers - for only $249.95

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Perfect Brackets Lite

If you need to run brackets for only leagues and small tournaments with brackets only.

Perfect Brackets Lite is the program for you! You can purchase it for only $159.95 and have 4 bracket sets and up to 200 bowlers per session.

Perfect Sweepers Lite

For those who need a program for only sweepers and sidepots we suggest Perfect Sweepers Lite - 4 sweepers and 4 sidepots and up to 200 bowlers per session - for only $159.95.

Perfect Brackets - You'll Love It!

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